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Bo & BG

Greg Patton is a business professor and is the brains behind the business!  He kind of hates bugs, so he totally gets why people don't want them in their house.  He is also trained to work with us!  Maybe it's because he teaches things like motivation and leadership, we don't know, but he's our best friend and we love making him happy!  The easiest way for us to make him happy is to do our job really good.

Hi, my name is Bo!  And my name is B.G.!  We're beagles who were rescued from deep in the Ozarks.  We were picked by the owner of Iron Heart Training Center to be trained for bedbug detection!  Yep, that’s right, we find bedbugs.  Beagles are scent hounds and have been used for centuries to track down rabbits and other game for our owners.  We have an amazing sense of smell.  So jobs like locating bedbugs actually comes quite easy for us!

The professionals at Iron Heart took several months to work with us to make sure we knew exactly what we were searching for and to make sure we were able to accurately and consistently locate bedbugs in a bunch of different environments!  This isn’t easy.  After all, bedbugs are really small and like to be in tight little spaces. They want to find you, but they don’t want you to find them.  Some of our friends at Iron Heart were being trained to find bombs, and others were being trained to find drugs.  We understand that those things are way more dangerous, but let’s face it, bombs and drugs really stink!  That’s why we spent extra time and got extra attention.  So, we trained every day so we could find any living stage of bedbug – from an egg to an adult!

We now have a full time job working with Denise and Greg at Dakota Bedbug Detection!  This is the greatest opportunity of our lives!  We find the bedbugs and then we let our handlers tell people what they need to do to get rid of them.

Meet our handlers…

Denise Patton has a Masters degree in entomology from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. This means she actually likes bugs!  Is that the grossest thing you’ve ever heard or what?!  The neat thing about Denise is that she likes people way more than she likes bugs.  Right now the entire country seems to be worried about bedbugs.  Denise is hoping to be a part of bringing some peace of mind to people dealing with them.

Her knowledge of insects is coupled with having a Pesticide Applicators License. This shows she knows about pesticide applications, treatments and alternatives.  She knows what insects you are dealing with (even if they aren't bedbugs), and she can help you figure out what steps need to be taken to get rid of them in a safe, efficient, and effective manner.

The combination of these things brings you experience and education.  So, you can feel confident in the guidance she gives you!

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Both Denise and Greg worked for several hours with us before they became certified handlers. Certification is a required part of our training. We have received certification through two different entities. One is through IronHeart where we were trained. An outside, objective party came and evaluated how we do our jobs and we had to meet certain criteria before we could be considered certified. This is quite a process because it entails making sure the handlers understand our body language, and correctly guide us into scent areas and learn how to work a room properly. This can actually be pretty hard because we only focus on what is right in front of our noses.

We are also certified through NESDCA (National Entomological Scent Detection Canine Association). This yearly certification is not a requirement in our industry but rather, the “Gold Standard”. We had to go through an extensive search with distractors and actual bedbugs and had very specific criteria to meet. We passed that test and are proud to be a part of this group of elite professionals. You can read more about this at http://www.nesdca.com/.

To make sure we’re doing the best possible job, we still train every day. It is the favorite part of our day!


Other dogs might know how to shake hands, roll over, or fetch.  We don’t know how to do any of those things. We're bedbug detection dogs, let’s see Lassie do that!

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