WOW! I can’t believe I just BOUGHT bedbugs!

Are you serious? Who, in their right mind, would ever purchase bedbugs? 
​Canine Detection Companies
Back when DBD first started, we didn’t give much thought to how we would maintain
enough bedbugs to properly train our canine.  After searching the internet, it became
obvious we were not the only handlers with this problem. DBD is now in a position to
help those handlers who are unable, or have no desire, to maintain a colony of bedbugs
for the purposes of training their canine.
Entomological Researchers DBD is able to supply research facilities needing larger populations of bedbugs. 
For entomology departments at research universities, extension offices, etc. access to
a population is critical. DBD has worked hard to develop a bedbug colony large enough to meet the needs of research centers. It is also worth noting that our colony has not been genetically altered through chemical exposure. Our colony was created in 2011, and we have not introduced any bugs collected from other sources to this colony.
How do you ship bedbugs?  Where would you ship bedbugs?
DBD typically ships bedbugs in a glass vial (see picture above).  The plastic lid we use has a mesh insert which means the vial is perfectly suited for training.  The vial contains 12 bedbugs from various life stages and a piece of paper to allow them to stay secure during shipping and possibly lay eggs. When shipping larger populations for research purposes, DBD is able to adjust its packaging based on research needs. While a certain level of mortality is expected during shipping, DBD does its best to insure the bedbugs are fed, packaged, and shipped to minimize this problem.
Locations Unfortunately, there are people who choose to use bedbugs for other reasons (e.g., plant them in a hotel room or an apartment to avoid payment or get out of a lease).  For this reason, DBD only sells to canine detection companies, researchers, and others who demonstrate a legitimate need. Additionally, DBD only ships to addresses (no PO Boxes) which allow the shipment of live insects.

How much does this cost?
Cost for a glass vial containing 12 bedbugs is $25 plus shipping and handling. Pricing for a special order is based on the specifics of that order. Shipping and handling costs can vary quite dramatically based on destination, time of year, speed, shipping method, and special packaging. How do I place an order?
​Either call (605-951-7127) or email

We sell bedbugs!

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