Denise Patton runs through a training exercise with Bo, a beagle that can detect bedbugs.

Bedbug Dogs On The TODAY Show

It is easy to kill an insect you can see, but it is impossible if you don't know where they are!

Dakota Bedbug Detection can help you...

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On The Hunt: Bo The Bedbug Beagle

Why spend hundreds of dollars on an exterminator if one is not needed?  Why expose yourself, your family or business to chemical applications if you don't need to?  We can save you time and money.  Canine detection is a viable alternative!

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“After several exterminations with no resolution, we called Denise at Dakota Bedbug Detection. She was so helpful and knowledgeable. We had already spent thousands of dollars on extermination and heat treatments yet we still had bedbugs. Denise and Bo came in and within a short period of time not only was the infestation gone, but our residents were happy and we have not had any issues since. With Bo’s assistance, we can certify between residents that there are no bedbugs. It has not only helped our current residents but it has also helped with renting to new tenants. They can be assured that there are no bedbugs in the apartments.”

     -Property Manager of a SF Management      


Dakota Bedbug Detection, LLC has been proudly serving the region since 2011!  In response to an overwhelming increase in bedbug complaints across the nation, professionals are recognizing the value in utilizing dogs to help locate bedbugs.

Because bedbugs are secretive and discreet insects, not to mention incredibly small, humans are simply not able to find them with any level of accuracy.  A well trained dog, however, can locate bedbugs in any life stage and in virtually any environment.

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